Dynamic Heat Map

Would it be possible to have a catch ‘heat map’ that is filtered by date range and pest type(s) but which might reset itself at the start of each calendar year or month, and then progressively steps through the cumulative kills on all trap locations (with 3D columns/bars representing catches maybe) with the date showing, at an adjustable refresh rate? You’d be able to see a whole year of catch progress in a minute or two, see trends much easier, pause at points of interest, figure out where pests are moving back into the area. Recently we reduced the rat capture count to near zero on our block and although they’re moving back in from the outside during spring, we would find it hard to show anyone else what is happening using the website. I’ve seen this type of software before, it’s quite powerful.

I think this is needed too. Other software packages can do it. I want something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SplhQL6EI1U&feature=youtu.be