Editing bait station records using mobile app

One of our baiters has found we have several records for the same day at the same bait station.

We can delete & edit the extra records on the TRAP.NZ website, but she likes the phone app. Can editing and deleting be done using the mobile app ?

Hi Jo,

Yes that is possible via the app. At the bottom of each new record form in the app is an ‘Installation details’ button. Selecting that opens a panel which contains a ‘View Online’ button. This will open the installations web page from which the records and installation details can be edited.

Technically speaking it is taking you to the website to make the changes, but it takes you straight to the installation in question.


Would this work where there is no cellphone coverage?

No it would need reception and the button only appears when there is reception.

There is work in the pipeline for the extra offline features in the app, they’re currently not live however. The View Online button was the intermediary solution.


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