Editing monitoring data

Have just encountered two problems when trying to edit monitoring tunnel data.

  1. A record was added which recorded that the tunnel was undisturbed, yet the tick box for “Undisturbed” was ticked.
    I tried to edit that, and noted that there were two tick-boxes marked “Disturbed”. I ticked the first & saved the record, but no change. So I ticked the second and all went well. Why the two boxes?

  2. Several tunnels had recorded “Rat” or “RATs” then the notes said mice were also recorded. So I tried to edit the record so both species would show in reports. But I could find no way to edit the ‘Species’ data.


When adding multiple species, you need to hold the Ctrl key and click on the options wanted. then save the record. It should then show the changed data.
For the first record, was that added via the app or website?