Email alert when smart trap drops communications

Smart traps communicate to a base station when they are sprung and sends an email alert to the “owner”. shows the last event which is usually a heartbeat signal. Please enhance the site so when the heartbeat communications is not received after a certain time, sends an email alert about the lost communications to the “owner”.
This lost communications email alert could be:

  • Sent once a day at, say, 06:00 am
  • or sent after, say, 8 hours of no communications
    Consideration would need to be given to not flooding the “owners” Inbox

Kia ora,

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve passed this on to the tech team, and we’ll keep an eye on this thread :slight_smile:

Ngā mihi,

Hi again,

The dev team said they’ve had discussions on this and they agree! They see this as a hole in the automatic alerts for sensors and it should be done. It’s on their radar, they’d like to do this, but aren’t sure when they’ll be resourced to do so.

Ngā mihi,

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