Enter Monitor data manually

Hi, Can some one please remind me how to enter Monitoring data manually?
I log in, Monitor, add data, fill in Fields, Apply. But nothing appears.
In the fields I select any, or a particular line, same result.
I did recently change all lines to Trap or Monitor, maybe that messed it up?

Hi there,

There are 2 rows of filters on the page. The top row with Line, Type and Dates are used to narrow down the resulting records for the time period (if any).

The second row with a grey background has Survey, Bait, Protocol and Recorded By. These are used as default values to fill out in the resulting rows, not filter them.

In any case, you first need to hit the Apply button to get the results with a record for each Station that meets the filter criteria. You then need to make any changes to the records that you like and finally save them using the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Note that if you click the Apply button instead of the Save button you will get a new set of results and any unsaved changes will be lost. I suspect this is what happened in your case.

Also note that all the selected records will be saved when you hit the Save button regardless of whether you manually made any changes or not, and all rows are selected by default to make it easier to create records for a whole line of stations at once. If you only want to save a few records you can use the Select none link at the top of the results, then tick the Save checkbox next to each record you want to save.

Many thanks, all sorted now. :slight_smile: