Entering non toxic bait for bait stations

Hi there,

Is there a way of entering non toxic bait as a bait type into bait stations, for example pre-feed pellets?
On the app, I can only find a way of adding toxic bait where it asks for the Toxin and Toxin %.


Kia ora,

At the moment there isn’t a clear way to enter non-toxic bait as a bait type using the app. It makes sense that folks might want to use non-toxic bait in their bait stations for pre-feeding, as you say. I will add this to our list of features to chat about.

Ngā mihi,
The Trap.NZ Team

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We can make the app record ‘No toxin’ and 0% for the Toxin and Toxin% fields.

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Hi Andy,

Do you mean that you can enter ‘no toxin’ and 0%’ in the fields on your app. I can only enter ‘other (please specify)’ in the toxin field and a number between 0.001-100 for the toxin percentage field.


Sorry, I’ve caused confusion everywhere with that answer.

We will change the app to allow you to add 0% and ‘no toxin’. It will be a future release, but not too far away.

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Thanks for explaining Andy. Looking forward to the release.