Entering rat gender and age

I see in the report for my first rat catch (!) that it is recorded as an adult. But it was a juvenile male. This can be recorded when loading in bulk but where is it in the app or on the website. I cannot see where I can alter the record.

Hi @kimo

You can do this in a couple of places

  • you can select an individual trap (click its title on the map, or trap list). On the trap page the records are listed below and you can edit them from there.
  • in the “manage records” page, you can select an individual record by clicking on the date and then clicking the edit tab

Kia ora Kimo,

If you’re using the app, you can also “Enable advanced record fields” from the General Settings menu. Check out our help docs here for more info:

Ngā mihi
Sarah (she/her)