enviroMate data collection

Its noted no enviroMate100 exists on your page under bait stations. We are working with sites. Each site may have traps or just use cyanide toxin. Animals are counted per site per line. Is there an easy way to load capture of the day in totals rather than individual sites. Sites are moving every 28 days and data entry will become a massive job. We use a gps camera to record both location and capture records. We measure the following things species killed and number, sex and size, position of capture ( front leg…head…) trap capture / availability, bait present absence on the night of capture, bait records across the delivery period 7-14 days, dead animals due cyanide. Today as example we caught only 13 possum and 6 rats, time put vin onsite was 2 hours, this over 26 sites.

Is there a possibility to import working documents or spread sheet data?

its nearly a year since our request to load enviroMate100 into your bait station category list!

Hi ecoland, we can do that.

There is a Feature Request section which is a better place to add things like this: