Exporting User Catches for Leaderboard


Always looking for ways to motivate people within our group, hence why I created a leader-board page HERE

The problem I have is that that when you export the trap data:-
“Date”,“TrapNID”,“Trap”,“Line”,“Trap type”,“Latitude”,“Longitude”,“Status”,“Rebaited”,“Bait”,“Recorded by”,“Strikes”,“Species caught”,“Sex”,“Maturity”,“Trap condition”,“Notes”

The “Recorded by” field is optional and doesn’t related to the users account, its free form text.

So we would like to use the “Assigned to” field on the trap record.

But the trap_overview.csv produces these fields:
“Project”,“Trap line”,“Trap ID”,“Main trap ID”,“Number/Code”,“Installed”,“Installed by”,“Trap type”,“Trap sub type”,“Sensor ID”,“Sensor provider”,“Latitude”,“Longitude”,“Notes”,“Retired”,“Total kills”,“Last record”

The Assigned to field isn’t present, can this be added to the export? So we use the “Installed by” field. Which is also free form text. But at least can’t be changed everytime a user submits a log.

Or is that a better way to produce a report of species caught sorted by usernames?

The script that does this is in Powershell, so happy to share once we get the data issues sorted.


Kia ora Gary,

I’ve checked in with our dev team on this, I was hopeful it would be an easy fix, but turns out it’s not. They can get the userids easily, but not the usernames. We’ve added this issue to our usability review, but we aren’t able to action this now, sorry!

Ngā mihi,
The Trap.NZ Team

I guess its because the assigned user is a collection of people, it looks like you can assigned a trap to multiple people.

Thanks anyway…Gary