Filling in catch reports

On Trap.NZ when filling in catches why not have a space we could fill in what lure is used for the different types of traps that fills them ALL in for that line. e.g. Docs…fish and fish oil, Vector…peanut butter and mayo…etc. This would save alot of time when filling out catches on lines that have 30 or more traps. I find the drop down box really annoying as it only works for a few traps then doesn’t drop down any more, and answer has to be typed in.

You can do that easy using.
Click ‘Traps’, Click ‘Add Catches’
Then add your catches or none catches and use the Trap Type dropdown and adjust the lure type to suit.
And then ‘Save’

you can filter your lure type options in ‘project categories’ if you want to reduce the number of lure 'bait type ’ options.

There should not be any dropdown box issues and need to manually entering for standard lures. Best to reach out to a local community TrapNZ user to learn how it is done.

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