Filtering options on app map

Kia ora, asking here as I am not sure if it is already a feature or not!
On the app there are filtering options for what is visible, baitstations, traps, monitoring sites, points of interest, is there a way to use the sub-filters within these categories as well? E.g. type of monitoring station, type of point of interest?

Those are the main two that I would like to be able to filter more specifically at this stage - a colleague is monitoring lizards and birds, I am doing pest animals, it would be nice to be able to just view the one we are focussing on when in the field.

Not at this stage Tui, I agree it could be a handy feature.

What springs to mind though is setting up lines of each type, then just use the line tools. Would that work for you?


Yep that would definitely work, at this stage we don’t have too much out there so it’s more of a ‘nice to have’ than a necessity!

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