Finding who is looking after a line in a project

I need to be able to see who is currently assigned to each trap line in our project so we can reassign as members change ( frequently due to various reasons).
I can obviously but not easily find who last did a trap line but it’s quite useful to see when a line was last checked to remind people. Part of the problem may be the management set up under DoC Te Manahuna Aoraki Project and operating as Predator Free Aoraki I am only an “advanced trapper”. under the above umbrellas.
So Ideally I would like a list of my project lines, who is currently assigned to them and when last checked and be able to whatsapp them directly with a reminder.

Hm not sure this is possible but I would be interested to see if it is. I would have a play around with the line reports and see if any of those work for you.

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Kia ora,

In order to be able to view the other members of your project, and see who is assigned to what, you need to be an Administrator for that particular project. You can contact the current project admin(s) to ask for your role to be changed.

Ngā mihi,
The Trap.NZ Team

Better line management is something we talk about and would like to take a better look at. Worth putting this request into the feature requests so we can gauge demand. To address your ideals though:

So Ideally I would like a list of my project lines.

Currently you will need to derive this from the lines associated with the traps assigned to you.

who is currently assigned to them

You would need to be an admin. There are a privacy issues with providing those details.

when last checked

Use the traps last checked report for this one, just filter by line at the top.

You can bookmark these in your browser.

Defining when a line is ‘checked’ is a little tricky, if a trapper does all but the last one, does it qualify as ‘checked’? Better to view the entire line is our take.

be able to whatsapp them directly with a reminder.

Not currently possible.

Hope there is something useful in all of that.

Yes quite useful.

I can see every trap in my project and via several steps find out who is doing them it’s just not quick and simple. Ironically the Admin doesn’t really know whats going on in our patch as they are based in Twizel and are more interested in Big Picture.

Interesting. I guess my line for example extends East and West from where I live so I often do parts of it on daily travels. So when done is at a trap level not line level but that is just convenience.

Re Privacy - I have all the details of people names numbers etc just need to see at any point quickly who is actually doing a line since we often do them when people are available to do any line

Re Whatsapp - not expecting to contact via the app but just as a Whatsapp group.