Five Minute Bird Count feature

Hi There,

Do you still have plans in the pipeline for extending the database to allow for entering results for and analysing 5 minute bird count data.

In the Wakatipu we have over 12 community trapping groups and growing. As we are new we have initiated a plan to gather 5MBC baseline data to compliment all the trapping efforts, however there are few readily available tools to easily analyse the data.

It would be a great feature to add to Trap.NZ and having used Trap.Nz for a couple of years can see how it could be applied to log results, generate historical and summary reports, and create heat maps showing the different species in a region and changes over time. would nicely fill this niche vs a National DOC spreadsheet hidden away somewhere.

Please advice if and what plans there are and when the community might see something.

Phil Green
Wakatipu Wildlife Trust Trustee

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Hi Philip

Happy to say work on this has now started - we will add the ability for 5MBCs to be entered and reported on (and the ability to load in historical data). It will likely take a couple of months to implement.