Flipping Timmy maintenance

Hi, after a recent possum catch, one of my Flipping Timmys keeps going off on its own shortly after I’ve reset it. The mechanism must be bent. Has anyone experienced this and can suggest a fix? Thanks.

When you set it have you used the plastic slider? I found when I did that it would go off straight away, so better just to slide it out of the way. Hope that makes sense! Is that any help? cheers …

You may know this, but the lure rod is bent/curved forward to increase sensitivity and curved backwards to reduce it. The sensitivity does need to be reset from time-to-time. I try to make the trap as sensitive as possible without having it trigger spontaneously.

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Which way is the red sensitivity thing supposed to go? Middle = not sensitive/Right = Sensitive? I wondered if that was why I didn’t catch anything for 6 months but the bait was going each time because it needed to be adjusted?

I think if the red slider is in the middle so that the bar rests on it, then that is sensitive. I always push it to the right because it tended to go off straight away if the bar was resting on it. cheers, Tony ps what bait were you using?

Cool thanks Tony,
Just peanut butter and tried a carrot and peanut butter the other day and got one. 4 in a week, they are going crazy at the moment with this cold weather.

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