Flipping Timmy traps and stock (cattle)

We are using Flipping Timmy traps in areas where there are stock, including on private (third-party) land. The question has come up whether there are any risks to stock, particularly cattle, from Flipping Timmy traps when baited with apple and other potential palatable baits. We think the risk would be low but are keen to know if anybody has had any experience either way. We can locate traps in places that minimise risk, but part of the purpose of this question is to be able to take information to landowners in order to reassure them of the low risk.

We have had an occurance of a calves tongue being found in a SA2 trap that was set in a paddock, the calf had to be shot. Althought the SA2 only requires the animal to push to trigger the trap while a timmy requires a pull. Also I think a cow could pull out of a timmy fairly easily if caught. I wouldn’t risk it though.