Flour lure going mouldy

I’ve tried using the recommended flour lure for possums (flour, icing sugar and cinnamon) in trapinators and Timms traps, I put it up the tree or along the ground, I’ve noticed the lure going mouldy. Does this matter? What do you use?


Firstly, it’s an attractant. But you would normally have some other bait/lure in the trap itself. Like peanut butter, blue smooth, apple (maybe with cinnamon) etc.

And yeah the blaze does just go off over time I think.

I use it as an attractant and bait the trap with possum dough or the Goodnature cinnamon lure, like this

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I use metalized plastic bags. Anything shiny is probably attractive to possums. Most are naturally curious. I have possums recorded on the trailcam playing with the bags, so it definitely works. The bags are waterproof, and they don’t go mouldy, or rot. I can’t be bothered with flour, doesn’t last first rain, goes mouldy etc