Gateway timeout - Multi project trap records with map report

When I try to run a multi project trap records with map report, I get a timeout error. This has been happening for the last two months when I have tried to create a report.

Here is the error I get. Any ideas what could be going on here?[]=460687&nid_entityreference_filter[]=6007742&nid_entityreference_filter[]=3869718&field_trap_record_date_value[min][date]=1+Aug+2022&field_trap_record_date_value[max][date]=1+Sep+2022&term_node_tid_depth[]=27&items_per_page=20

We are having an issue with this, and hope to have it resolved within the next fortnight. Sorry for the inconvenience. In the meantime, you can still access the single project reports