Generic gas canisters for A24 Goodnature traps

Hi - has anyone used generic gas canisters rather than the Goodnature gas canisters when re-gassing their A24s? Have seen on the Goodnature website that the Goodnature gas has silicone in it to lubricate the seals and keep the trap working - and if you don’t use this then the warranty is void (but the warranty only lasts for 2 years). Have heard that generic 16g gas canisters can work just as well for more than half the price, but would like to know if anyone has tried a generic canister and if they caused any issues?

I use bike inflation canisters from Torpedo7. They work fine and no issues and add you say, about half the price. You could use a bit of silicone spray on the necks if you wanted.

Same for me. Have used generic canisters for some time. I have not been able to discern any difference except price. I suspect earlier versions of the orings in the valve connection for the canister needed the silicon to stop leaks. I have not noticed any residue on the goodnature canister threads when installing. If your trap is our of warranty they are worth trying.

I use these, mainly because they are cheap. They seem to work OK. Bike cylinders work fine too, including the 32g variety.

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Maybe alternate a genuine canister in every so often. I don’t know how long it would take for the trap function to degrade without the lube.

…or lube the cartridge threads with a silcone or plumbers lubricant? That’s what I do. Not sure if it makes any difference though :slight_smile:

Does anyone know of an online site giving how one can service the A24 trap as mine is presently leaking gas and am concerned that I need to replace some rubber seal or will just lubing the cartridge thread do it?