Generic gas canisters for A24 Goodnature traps

Hi - has anyone used generic gas canisters rather than the Goodnature gas canisters when re-gassing their A24s? Have seen on the Goodnature website that the Goodnature gas has silicone in it to lubricate the seals and keep the trap working - and if you don’t use this then the warranty is void (but the warranty only lasts for 2 years). Have heard that generic 16g gas canisters can work just as well for more than half the price, but would like to know if anyone has tried a generic canister and if they caused any issues?

I use bike inflation canisters from Torpedo7. They work fine and no issues and add you say, about half the price. You could use a bit of silicone spray on the necks if you wanted.

Same for me. Have used generic canisters for some time. I have not been able to discern any difference except price. I suspect earlier versions of the orings in the valve connection for the canister needed the silicon to stop leaks. I have not noticed any residue on the goodnature canister threads when installing. If your trap is our of warranty they are worth trying.

I use these, mainly because they are cheap. They seem to work OK. Bike cylinders work fine too, including the 32g variety.

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Maybe alternate a genuine canister in every so often. I don’t know how long it would take for the trap function to degrade without the lube.

…or lube the cartridge threads with a silcone or plumbers lubricant? That’s what I do. Not sure if it makes any difference though :slight_smile:

Does anyone know of an online site giving how one can service the A24 trap as mine is presently leaking gas and am concerned that I need to replace some rubber seal or will just lubing the cartridge thread do it?

We have only one several years old A24 we use, compared to standard traps it has been disappointing most of the time. Recently it was losing gas quickly, too, and I isolated that to the perished rubber O ring providing the seal to the gas cylinder. I had a look on the web and was surprised with the lack of any info on where I could buy replacement O Rings for this trap. I have had an email discussion with Goodnature, and the upshot was, why don’t I send it back to Wellington for a replacement trap (maybe free?). They don’t want users trying to service the trap, which is strange considering we have to fit the gas bottles and check the triggers, we’re already needing to use care around them. I’ve measured the O ring and read up on them, it looks to me like the O ring is a British Standard BS105 (5/32" by 3/32") and then we have to guess that a VITON version would be better than Nitrile or NBR, and the shore rating, maybe 75? Seal Innovations have a part number BS105V75 for 41c which should work, I have also tried a Nitrile version, part no. 00986857 from Blackwoods, and so far that has worked. Obviously take the trap off its mount, make sure the trap is safe, use a plastic tool to remove the old O ring, keep the area clean, and use silicone grease or paste on the O ring when you fit the new one. Then carefully fit the trap back on its mount and install a new GN gas cylinder. The thread will keep you safe, by the time the gas is being released the gas bottle is very secure.

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