Getting access to map on app when offline (out of coverage)

Hi, is there a way that I can archive/store a map when I’m offline? It’s probably available. If so, how do I ensure that I have an offline map before I lose coverage.

I love your work guys!


It does actually store the map to your phone and in fact once the tiles are download that is all it uses. There is a niggle where they occasionally don’t render, something we need to fix, but a work around is to either zoom in and out, or to add a second tile set (Menu > General Settings > … pick a tile set) and then toggle the tile set in the top right hand tab.

Hope that makes sense?

Hi, do I download tiles on my phone by going to ‘Project Settings’ and select ‘re-fetch map files’?

That will clear out the cached tiles and bring them all down again, no harm in doing that if you have network coverage.

I am having problems there too. Zooming in often does not work (gray out) moving a bit north, there I can zoom much closer. But not on my property. Sometimes refetching tiles helps, but never sure why it works - if it does!
Can someone give me a clue of how to fix this?

We have version 3.3.1 in beta testing, it handles map tiles in a different way which might improve things. I occasionally see this too but haven’t so far with the 3.3.1 release.

Note it would be the expected behaviour if your property was outside of the projects defined area. If you are seeing this every time it would be worth checking that and changing the boundaries. The tiles downloaded by the app cover the project area only. As you zoom out it changes to the large tiles which cover larger areas outside of your project.