Getting started

I have a property, I have a project in Trap.NZ, now what? How do I figure out what I need to install and where? Is there a layer we can import that we can use to create the lines? How do we figure out traps to baitstation density etc? We have male kiwi that wander through looking for a girlfriend, from time to time, we think we will likely have native frogs and we have a range of the common native birds. We have a mix of swampy bits with nikau etc and totara with the odd taraire and kohekohe, with areas of regen where the locals all used to grow their green crops!! thanks/nga mihi nui

Kia ora @boarslayer_family This is the link to the help section of, if you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Kia ora,

Predator Free Franklin have some nice diagrams for potential trapping networks:

With kiwi in the mix you’ll want to be on top of mustelids and feral cats (cage traps, and DOC250s.)

As Lenore points out, the help sections describe creating lines, adding installations, and records etc.