Ghost bait notes bug

Hi there. I submitted a test record to check how handles ‘baits’ when the trap is not rebait (autofils none as it turns out). But I discovered that my bait notes, which appeared blank, pulled in the autofill bait notes from the last line in did in which I used pilchards. And when I checked the rebaited box pilchards did appear, as I expect you would want it to. I’ve attached some screenshots. Hope they help.

Record submitted

how it appears on the website

checking re-baited reveals hidden detail

Otherwise would like to say that the carry over of notes is a great feature and is saving myself and my volunteers a lot of time. So cheers.

Copy that. Thanks Amy. The bait notes field here is “sticky” to save time on repeated entires. But appreciate that it doesn’t make sense for the same entry to be sticky for other baits (or none for that matter).

On the road map is to make the list of baits used able to be modified by project administrators. Then they can add their own bait types and any additional detail on bait used if required.