Good nature Trap records

I have three Good nature A24 Chirp traps all of which I have moved to new locations. Annoyingly however, I’ve had to give up on the data recording feature as, it can’t be cleared (also, prompts for a gas and/or lure changes can’t be reset. But, this has been the case from the beginning…

Has anyone a solution, work around or other ?? I asked the Good nature people but they said there was no fix.


I found the chirps a bit pointless so after the batteries gave out somewhat prematurely I disposed of the batteries and replaced the caps with standard ones. Nice idea but the claims of Bluetooth connectivity were over ambitious and aside from learning when your trap fired it really did not offer anything more than the gas canister counters.

Thanks for that and tend to agree. The chirp handy for kill counts but, they should have come up with a reset surely (??

Thanks again