Goodnature A12 bait

“Goodnature possum lure” does not appear in the drop-down list of bait types.
Could this be added please?

“Bump” this question.
Any chance of this being added to the bait list?

I would like this added too please, as well as the Goodnature Rat and Stoat ALP too.

Hi - we use Goodnature Possum Lure as pre feed for all of our traps incl SA2, Timms, Trapinator and of course use it in the A12 but there is no option for this bait type - at least in the import records documentation. There is “Goodnature Rat and Mouse Lure”, “​Goodnature Stoat Lure”, “Rat and Possum Lure” and simply “Lure”, but none of these are accurate. Adding support for this to be added.
Thank you.

We too use this lure, but there has been no response on the drop down lure list. GN is still producing this lure even though it no longer makes the trap.

Is it this one?

This is the current TrapNZ list and it looks complete to me, but perhaps you can point us to the product we’re missing:

  • Goodnature Blood
  • Goodnature Cinnamon pre feed
  • Goodnature Nut Butter
  • Goodnature Rat and Mouse Lure
  • Goodnature Stoat Lure

Just to add, you can add your own project level lure types if there is something custom and obscure:

The goodnature A12 opossum trap was supplied with a specific bait cannister.
This was a version of the A24 bait cannister and had a red plastic bite gadget screwed into it.


Goodnature are not making the A12 any more but their website shows they are still supplying replenishment accessories for the trap.


For those still using the A12, having “Goodnature A12 possum lure” in the list might be helpful.

Thanks Jim,

Goodnature Cinnamon pre feed and Goodnature A12 possum lure are the same product, the former is the current correct product name.