Goodnature A24 leaking issues

I would not advise anyone to buy an A24 – you could buy 20 Victor Pro traps for the same price and put some peanut butter on them to get better results.
But I have been using A24s with some success since they first hit the market – I always picked up cheap second-hand ones and used them around the bush edge on the farm – the harrier hawks checked them out every morning. GN recalled and replaced the old ones, so with a lack of confidence in the product, I sold them new on TM.
We currently have ten A24s supplied by Council six years ago around our Park where I do pest control – they are still working. Rat numbers are low, but some average about 6 strikes each six-month period – I rarely see bodies under them.
Six monthly gas bottle and lure dispenser change is a joke – but we never use the ALP
I have used the GN possum paste lure on all our A24s and I rate it as the best rat lure available – it has a strong cinnamon scent that both possums and rats love – it doesn’t go mouldy in wet conditions and is a good consistency for the A24.
We tried the new GN chocolate rat lure when it first came to market - our kill rates dropped to near zero, so we reverted to possum paste. We tried the ten new A24s for several months using the chocolate auto feeder – it was hopeless. I tested snap traps with possum paste beside the new A24s – rats generally chose the snap trap. So we changed the lure back to possum paste in the A24 – either refill the auto lure dispenser with possum paste or just use a GN A12 lure container – add a little vegetable oil so it continues to dribble down the barrel – give it a squeeze if you walk past.
In the early days, my best result under an A24 was 5 rats in a pile - I have seen a counter with 20 strikes – but likely mice.
I get better results with the A24 mounted on a ramp or a sloping tree root – but often get lazy and mount it vertical and low down. My neighbour has one in his back yard and told me a few days ago that he got a couple of hedgehogs – but they can block the trap if they don’t roll away.
It is sad to hear of so many of these traps that are purchased with minimal results and remain unused – it is great technology that has achieved a lot around the world market - but they just need a slight change in the way they are used to get better results – better lure (not chocolate), on a ramp and replace the gas bottle regularly.