Google Earth bad link

Has any body been able to get there trap data into google earth via the supplied link, as I can’t get it too work.


It may depend on your version of Google Earth but you should be able to add the link by right-clicking on My Places, then select Add, and then Network Link:


Be sure to replace the project ID with your project number. Eg - if your project URL was, then the link would look like:

Thanks done all that and used my project ID, but then Google Earth asks to log into and it won’t log in , have checked user name and password by logging out of and then logging back in and manually entering password and that works but still no luck using the same user name and password google earth is asking for.

is there a different user name and password I need to use ??

using google earth pro 7.3.2


Hi Chris - that should work. Would you mind sending the link your are using (to We’ll check it out. Cheers