GPS app that can be uploaded to TrapNZ

I have talked with people on Android devices who use NZ Topo by ATLOGUS or Backcountry Navigator to capture their trapping lines (tracks not traps) via GPS and then uploading them to their TrapNZ project.

Does anyone know of suitable apple apps that will allow the same process?

I’m an iPhone user too. I wondered if runkeeper might be able to export a gpx file that could be added to
I may look into it further, the disadvantage might be that the gps coverage under trees can be inaccurate and your track log would potentially drift off where you actually were.

I just used runkeeper to create a GPX file which I then uploaded to a GIS. It could also be used to upload to TrapNZ.
In runkeeper, under Activities, select the Activity (track) that you want to export. Then down in the bottom righthand corner, select “Export” “GPX”. This brings a GPX file into your computer’s Downloads folder. From there, just treat it like any other GPX file.

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Open GPX Tracker might be worth a look too. It can email the track log to yourself directly from the app which could be a little less convoluted than runkeeper where I think you have to grab it from the website afterwards.
[Open GPX Tracker by Juan Manuel Merlos](http://Open GPX Tracker by Juan Manuel Merlos)
Open GPX Tracker by Juan Manuel Merlos