GPS Garmin Glo 2 & Trap NZ

We are looking at our best options to couple accurate location datas with Trap.NZ.
We navigate in a very hilly and dense bush with low data receptions.
Using the phone to navigate or add new installations is not proving very accurate (installations can be 20m on phone for actual location).
Having a phone + a GPS is proofing challenging to add datas to GPS, reload datas into Trap.NZ…
Do we need to use a GPS with pre / up-loaded Trap.NZ installation locations then add our datas back into Trap.NZ once we’re out of the bush?
We have invested into a couple of GPS Receiver Garmin Glo 2, thinking it would make for satellite accuracy when using Trap.NZ with our mobile phone on location, but Trap.NZ doesn’t seem to couple with the Glo 2. Could you look into coupling Trap.NZ with Garmin Glo2?
What is the best way to go about recording accurate GPS datas and live trap.NZ data reading while navigating in the bush?
Many thanks!

Kia ora @Karekare_Landcare_Ad usually the app should be fine as a stand alone product. and can be used both with and without reception. I have linked here to the help doc regarding ensuring GPS accuracy. Steps to help ensure y... | Trap.NZ Help & User guides If you are wanting to only use one product and it is the Garmin, you will need to enter your records once out of the bush either via the website or the phone app. I will pass your comments onto the developers

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Kia ora Estelle,

I’m fairly certain you can use the Glo 2 + You will just need a third party app to provide the NMEA connection (i.e. update the system coords.) The following apps are specifically for this purpose:

Interest in how you get on, and happy to take it up offline if you want to contact us at If we find the solution we can post it back in here.


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Thank you @andy.saunders-admin and @lenore-admin for your quick reply
I will follow your advice!
Kind regards,

One method that can help is to record your tracks each time you walk a line. You can then create temporary Lines in and upload your multiple tracks as separate Lines to Then you can view all of the tracks on the website at the same time. Your traps will most likely lie on the average of all the tracks; move the traps on the website to match. Don’t readjust the trap locations in the field - each visit with a phone or GPS will have inherent errors which should have been averaged out by the technique above.

Modern phones will have as good if not better GPS than a GLO. GLOs use 10 year old technology (GPS and GLONASS only). Modern GPS receivers/phones utilize several additional constellations that GLOs cannot access.

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You could just do the same on the app itself, it might save some uploading. Just keep the tracks on the phone for a few trips. Then make sure they’re all visible, and then use ‘move location’ to middle them.

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Thank you for your answers @andy.saunders and @j40gryphon.
I understand what you mean by the average track, but we might try that at a later date.
At the moment we are looking for old bait lines that were set-up and GPS location recorded quite a few years ago before the Waitakere ranges Rahui and the track were closed due to Kauri Dieback.
Our volunteers now have permission to bait the lines but finding the lines or what’s left of them is our challenge for now!.. if only we could go to the exact GPS location recorded and see if the bait station is still there or not!.. Thanks for your help!

Wow. Sounds like a good challenge. Keep in mind that the GPS locations that you currently have are only as good as the devices used to create them in the first place however many years ago. With most recreational equipment and phones these days you’re still only likely to get 2-5 meter repeatability. That’s why pink triangles were invented. :smile:

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Exactly @j40gryphon!
And 2-5m in dense bush can be close to looking for a needle in a hay stack!
A few triangles but Pink Tape was used mostly back in the days, so not much left unfortunately…