GPS position and direction doesn’t refresh on screen

My location (ie the blue spot) and the direction pointer often doesn’t update when I’m using the app. I can move some distance and change direction and nothing updates in the app display. Zooming out and back in again usually makes it refresh but not always. This is quite frustrating in the urban park environment that I am working in.

In contrast when I’m using iHike (a tramping app) I can turn a circle and the direction pointer will continuously update. This indicates that the phone is working fine and the problem is in the app.

My phone is an iPhone XS.



What are your GPS settings for the app?

Where are the GPS specific settings?

Check the location services in your phone and see if it allows to have access

Yes it is set to always.

Try resetting your app Before you do this export your logs to your email. You can find the reset tab at the bottom of the advanced section. Let me know if this helps.
Just checking have you got set to auto centre?

Resetting the app has made it work much better. Now the location updates every few seconds (3 to 5 typically).

It looks like the pointer actually shows direction of travel rather than the direction the phone is pointing. Is this correct?

I’m not using auto centre at the moment but I’ll try that if I have any other issues.

Thanks for your help.

yes the pointer is showing the direction of travel