GPS position for traps

Hi. Would it be possible to add a GPS location for trap placement similar to line placement
i.e one could load up a gpx file taken in the field to pin point the trap location when adding a trap.

You can find plenty of free online conversion tools to convert the format of your existing GPS trap location data to then manipulate them into the template sheet for importing traps on to the website? Alternatively using the phone app enables you to use the phone’s GPS to set the new location (or confirm the actual location of an old trap) of your traps in the field. Andrew

Hi, when I get to the trap record part of this and click on the installation details link I don’t get the View Online option coming up. Any ideas why? Thanks

Two reasons that might happen:

  1. You’re offline, i.e not network access to the phone.
  2. The record hasn’t synced (check the Menu > Logs on the app and confirm it doesn’t have a cloud icon next to it.)

Let me know what you find

Thanks. Neither seems to be the case, I’m at home and connected, no cloud next to Logs (should Logs have anything in it?)