Hand draw lines - have ended up with multiple tags

I’ve created a line and had to hand draw it because my GPS file was too big to upload. When I’ve drawn the line I’ve ended up creating four separate lines which have now given them four different tags.

A couple of questions:

  1. How do I delete a line that I’ve already drawn?
  2. How do I extend a line from an existing one? (we had a trap line which has now had another 50 traps added to it).

Appreciate any help


Hi Adam, I have the same problem where I now have hand drawn lines tagged to wrong trap lines as well. It doen’t seem easy to delete a hand drawn line without deleting whole trap line.

Hi Adam

We’ve increased the file size to 800KB - let me know if your GPX file is bigger.

You can have multiple “segments” in a line and each segment will be labeled.

You can extend an existing line or segment - with a bit of practice it isn’t too difficult. First select the “Edit features” tool (image), and then click on the line (it will turn blue when selected).

If you then hover over the line you will see a black circle at your editing point. If you hover to the end of the line you can then drag the line to extend it. It is usually easier to drag the line to where you want it to end, and then go back along the line to adjust along the path you want.

Click outside the line and save once you have finished.

Pressing delete after you have selected a line (or segment) will remove it.