Hazard Information When Logging Trap Data

I am wanting to see if it would be possible to have an option added under trap status for when a trap is still in the field but is unable to be accessed. For my situation it is because a trap on a trap line cannot be currently serviced because it is within an area where asbestos has been found. But this could be useful in other situations such as if a landslide or another event meant a trap was inaccessible for a period of time. This situation doesn’t really fit with the current available options in the drop-down menu, so it could possibly be called ‘trap inaccessible’?

Thanks for posting this @HannahMurdoch. So others are aware: we are adding the ability to plot points of interest, which could include hazards, etc. This should be available in the app within the next couple of months.

This isn’t a mark against a trap per se - but you will be able to see if a trap falls within an area that is marked as inaccessible, so may go some way to doing what you need.