Heat map shows activity for 0 values

Hi there. I’m trying to generate a monitoring heatmap for a specific date range and target species, but it seems to be pulling in other data as 0 values are giving off a heat signature. there are records of that species outside the date range. Weirdly it’s not pulling in all potential 0 values from that line either.

Hope you can help. Cheers

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Hi @amy.waldmann - can you please check again? This should have been fixed now - the report was counting records with no species detected (which wasn’t particularly useful).


Hi @dan - apologies I’m still seeing the same results. I’ve attached images of the search terms I’ve used, and the results. What other information can I provide that might be helpful? I’m using Chrome v85.0.4183.102

I see! Thanks @amy.waldmann - we’ll get onto that now - it looks like the issue was fixed but not actually applied to the live site yet. We’ll post back once it is done.


Should be all good now.

Brilliant. Thank you!

Hi, is it possible for me to make a heat map which shows my 0 values? I want a map which shows a very strong blue where traps are regularly checked and nothing caught in the same way as it shows a hotter red where more is caught. I guess this is a mix of trapping effort and catch. I’d like to be able to make trappers feel valued for catching nothing in a community trapping setting. If it is possible please point me in the right direction.

Richard Chambers

Hi Richard, You can make a map using the “none” filter for trap catches (example below). It won’t be a heat map, but it will show the 0 values. The effort required to catch goes up significantly as density of pests decreases, and provides a great challenge for project leaders to keep individuals and communities motivated as we go towards predator free 2050.

Thanks, yep this will be very useful.