Heatmaps showing "Species caught = None"

This might be a bit hard for the platform to model. Just looking to create a heatmap highlighting traps that have not caught anything, or not caught rats, not caught stoats…

I could be over thinking this, and pleased to receive tips.
Ngā mihi

Have you tried using the Multi-project trap records (with map) in reports
Trap Records | Trap.NZ and choose everything except stoats etc

Thanks, I want to display an ‘inverse’ heatmap. I am interested in the zeros. I have tried selecting the ‘None’ in species caught - but that does not produce a heat map. It is likely to be obvious why this can’t happen, or if it could, then the output could be useless. I am resisting exporting these data to GIS as this will gobble up my time.

I get what you mean, displaying heatmaps for areas or traps getting nothing would be handy.
I have just used the heat map as linked and the traps with Zero displayed on the eat map I have moved to better locations.