Hexmap pulling wrong data?

Hi trap.nz team.

Thanks for all your work. Have just noticed that the (great) hexmap for our project(s) is pulling the wrong trap numbers. But, when I log into our trap.nz/project/ the numbers are correct.

Side note, we are self hosting the html/css/js map ourselves (kindly provided by Andy) so that we can make a few css tweaks to suit our site. But when I embed from trap.nz following the instructions here:
… the result is the same. So…

www.trap.nz/project/4642402/info = 849 traps
www.trap.nz/project/18772621/info = 97 traps


trap.nz/static/hexmap/?projects=[4642402] = 409 traps
trap.nz/static/hexmap/?projects=[18772621] = 77 traps

I hope that makes sense. Perhaps there is a new hexmap version but I couldn’t find anything searching the forum.


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Hi there,
Is there an answer to Simon’s question regarding the hex map? Our website is still showing the wrong data so it would be good to try and find out what’s going wrong.
Cheers :slight_smile: