How best to record A24 "kill' results

Several trap lines have had A24 installed and to get monthly checks. When checking, the Digital Counter on any unit may record 2 or 3 activations since zeroed on the prior check. The site pests kills are 98% rats (ship & norway) in the bush blocks where the traps are located with mice prominent in the more grassland dominated sites.

With the assumption that the kills are rats how best to record the result in TrapNZ app.

kia ora @captain_kc in the app it has a field for strikes, you can add how many strikes here and the catch totals are based on the fact that a strike is considered a catch that would show species as unknown

I have a similar question about AT220s - how do we enter catch results when we find a pile of, say, 5 dead possums when we do a trap check??


Can you use the Phone app to work out when the catches were and then record accordingly in I’m yet to start using the app but assumed it would log the dates for when the trap fired.

Thanks for the suggestion but, no. The at220 app records how many times the trap was triggered but does not give dates.


kia ora @Richard_Stocker my understanding of the AT220 is that it records the number of triggers, so if you assume a trigger is a kill and there are 10 triggers but only 5 possum on the ground the other triggers would be 5 unknown

Yes, that is my understanding too.

The question is how is it best to record on TrapNZ the catch of five possums ??


The App doesn’t give a kill date or time. We are planning our IT next project to add date and time and a few other features to make things easier to log data, hopefully have something sorted by mid next year - Cheers Haydn NZAT

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5 strikes and species possum short answer @Richard_Stocker

Thanks for that