How do Heat Maps work?

Hi support techies,

I’m curious how the heat maps work, not how to use them, but what drives the colour choice that gets displayed.

Given there’s not always a full display of “green all the way to red”, I suspect it’s not a relative scale but maybe uses standard deviation? eg yellow starts at 1sd, red starts at 2sd.

I’d love to know the technicals/statistics are behind this so I can put any “hot spots” into perspective.


@scottw would mind responding to Grant.

I understand the bait take heat map is now relative. Is that the same for the trap catch heat maps?

Hi guys, the Trap Heat Maps are relative, but I’m asking “what is means” ie what the formula behind the heat maps, eg is it where the results are 2 std dev above, or in the top quartile etc. It’s not critical, I’m just curious, but one of the programmers must be able to tell me. Thanks.