How do you add several catch records at a time?

I have 80 or so rat traps across 8 lines (although, I have no idea how you link a trap with a line…). Traps on each line are generally checked by different people, so having a ‘default’ setting and applying to all and then changing those that are different is not really an option - any ‘default’ will only apply to 7-8 traps.

Is there a way of selecting the desired traps and then setting some values just from those ones? When I do this (i.e. deselect all traps and then check just the ones I want), after I put in the ‘default’ values and hit apply - all the traps have these data. This is really frustrating and it is taking longer than when I was using Excel to manage catch data.

Please help!

Hi there

To associate traps with lines, create all the lines first. You don’t have to draw a line on the map - that’s only required if you want to see the track on the map.

Then you can simply edit an existing trap and assign it to a line. Any lines you have created will appear in the line dropdown box.

If you are a project administrator you can assign traps to a line in bulk via the “Manage traps” menu. Select the traps you wish to assign to a line, choose “Change trap details” from the operations drop down and Execute. You can then check the Trap line box and select the line to assign the traps to.

Then when you are adding records you can simply filter the traps by line.

Note that you can also select specific traps and then set some values just from those ones. You need to apply the default values first. The use the check boxes to select the traps you want to save records to and click the Save button.

Hope that helps!