How do you know when the bait egg was placed?

Is there a way of seeing when a DOC 200 trap was rebaited (either online or on the app)? I check a line in a public reserve and a few others do the same - while its pretty obvious when peanut butter needs replacing, I find it hard to tell how fresh an egg is by looking. I don’t want to replace eggs before I need to.

Same details are on the website trap records.

Hi Andy, that date just tells you how long ago the trap was checked. For example, three days ago I checked a trap, didn’t change the egg because I knew I had put a fresh one in two weeks earlier so selected ‘bait OK’, the date on the trap is now showing as 3 days ago, same as for victor traps I rebaited. I just thought there may be a way of going back into the trap data and seeing when the baits were actually changed.

Sure, you’d have to look through the previous records. In the app open the installation and press the Installation details link, then ‘View online’ button. You can scroll to the bottom to see previous records.

Not ideal. Probably easier to date the eggs?

I have been dating the eggs with a vivid makes it very easy to see when it was last done.


Same - write the date on the egg when you put it in fresh.
You can tell the state of some of the not-so-fresh “thermonuclear” eggs by the colour of them - what sensible rat or stoat is going to bite that!

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Just write the date on them ,