How know who have been invited to a project?

As an Administrator I can invite people to join a project in the Send Invites tab. A few days later I am not sure who I sent invitations to. How can I find the list of email addresses that I sent invites to (assuming they haven’t responded yet) ?

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The system doesn’t keep a record of this sorry. Under the members tab you can see a list of the people that have requested membership.

I suggest then an improvement to the system. Please add one of the following:

  1. In the Send Invites tab show a history list of the invitations sent (date + email address). Automatically remove an invitation from the history list when the person joins as a member or they are stale (older than 3 months). Maybe also provide an opportunity to manually remove them from the history list.
  2. Add them to the list in the Members tab with a State of “Invited”, and an option to manually remove them (through Edit > Remove)
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