How powerful are stoats

At Blue Lake we have had instances of wooden tunnel boxes ~3Kg being pulled a metre or so with snap trap complete with ratless head jammed against the entry hole in the mesh. Is a stoat powerful enough to do this or is a feral cat more likely.
Peter Wood

I’d say not likely, but not impossible to be a stoat…jump to about 1:20 of this video to see one on full power!


Thanks for that - actually I now can believe a stoat could pull a trap box a short distance, The box was placed on forest floor litter so there would not be much friction resistance till the box was on the stony muddy track at which point the stoat either ripped the rat body off the trap or dined on the spot

I would expect a ferret or cat to be responsible, but it’s never wise to underestimate stoats!

thanks my issue has been fixed.

thanks for the awesome information.