How to Remove a Strike from a Trap Record

When entering a Strike to a Trap, I used the Filter function to describe the Trap with the result that the Strike was incorrectly added to all the Traps of that type. How do I remove the Strike from all those other Traps? I’ve tried going to each individual Trap and altering the Strike count (e.g. from 1, back to Zero) and clicked Save, but that doesn’t work - when I view the Trap’s details they still all show 1 Strike.
Please advise the steps I should be taking to achieve the correction.

Hi there

Do you mean in the “Add catches” form? It won’t let you set the strikes to 0 unless the “Species caught” value for that record is set to “None”. Is that what is happening in your case?

The Trap.NZ team

Solved. I’ve managed to alter a Trap’s Strike count from 1 to Zero by doing the following:

  1. Click on the relevant Project

  2. Click on Traps to open the Traps page

  3. Scroll down [below the Map] to the list of Traps

  4. Identify the Trap concerned and Click on it’s Number/Code (in Red) to open the page relating to that Trap

  5. Scroll down [below the Map] to the list of Records for that Trap

  6. Identify the Record which relates to the unwanted Strike, and press the Delete button for that Record. This will delete that particular Strike event.