How to remove items from the automated drop-down menus

Hello, is there a way to remove some of the bait types and species caught from the drop-down menus so that we don’t have to scroll through so many things each time?


There sure is go to your main project over view page and above the map you will see “project categories”
alternatively you could substitute your project number into this link

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@sforder you can also change the options in the app, any time you see a cog it gives you an option to make a smaller selection of bait types and catches. I hope this helps

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Hello, I could do it for bait type but not species caught. This is the main menu that gets a bit cumbersome with Pukeko often getting pushed instead of possum :slight_smile:
Another issue I will just add here, as I am trying to open my phone app to see if it is different on that, is that it won’t accept my password then when I follow the password reset link on my email, it just takes me straight back to the same page with the incorrect password and nothing changed :wink: Thanks!

… if I clear the login page completely and click on forgotten username/password then follow the email link, it takes me back to the blank login page (no new information given to login)

Go into the mobile phone app, open an installation as though you are entering a catch. Click on the cog beside the species

this will open the entire species field, here you can choose your projects “favourites” by ticking them

Now when you are ready to record a catch it will only show the favourites you have ticked

I hope this helps

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