How to retire a supplementary trap?

We have had a DOC200 trap stolen that had two DOC mechanisms, defined in as a Main and Supplementary. We have replaced the trap with one with only 1 DOC mechanism in it and don’t intend to add another. Is it possible to retire the supplementary trap? I understand if the supplementary trap is deleted all records associated with it will be deleted. Or do we have to retire the whole trap and add a new one with only one mechanism? If we do this can it have the same name as the original?

Many thanks, John

Kia ora John,

Thanks for getting in touch. You’re correct - if you delete the supplementary trap, all records are also deleted with it. In your case, it would be best to retire the whole trap, which would retain all the records from both the main and supp traps. Then add a new trap at the same location, which can have the same name as the original.

Ngā mihi,

That’s great to hear, thanks Sarah