"Illegal Choice made" when exporting data

Kia ora, hoping someone can help! I am getting the following message: * An illegal choice has been detected. Please contact the site administrator.

When trying to download data as a csv file to them put into arcGIS (to calculate trapped areas for reporting purposes). I have put files across before with no trouble. At first I thought this one was saying that cause I selected multiple lines. Went back and just selected one, but still the same.

It says data export successful but the file doesn’t show anything in arc GIS, and gives me the error message on Trap NZ.

Any tips to try or what I am doing wrong would be much appreciated.

Kia ora @tui_kraal , what page were you trying to export in particular? in what project, what filters did you have on (screen shot if possible?) If you’d be able to send this information to support@trap.nz I’ll get the developers to have a look

It was just one of our traplines. I went back and did another shorter line, which worked fine, then when I ended up trying the original request it worked fine so I’m not sure what was going on! I haven’t had it happen again and can’t remember exactly what the original request was sorry. If it happens again I’ll make sure I take some screentshots and send it through with more details! :slight_smile:

thanks @tui_kraal when these bugs happen, the more details we can get the easier it is for us to find and fix them.

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