I'm having issues with my trapnz data inputs

I’ve been inputting data into trapnz app.(ios 8plus) in the northern Ruahines for several years. Lately I’ve had an issue with trap no’s being duplicated so it appears as two of every trap on my app. 2nd and more concerning issue is all my trap data disapperaring from my screen. I’ve even gone back over the line and reinstalled the traps only to find they all disappear after a couple of days. Most frustrating! Also would be good if we could edit mistakes made in the field when inputting trap no’s etc. Hope someone can shed some light on why this is happening.

@john_steedman can you please access the trap.nz app menu logs and export the JSON (debug) file and send it to support@trap.nz
We think the issue is that you’re in and out of coverage which is why they’re disappearing (it starts a sync, and then you lose coverage before it completes. This is something we are hoping to fix