Implement 'Walk Line' for Monitoring Lines

The app offers the Walk Line button for lines of monitoring stations, but pressing the button goes to an empty Defaults screen which cannot be progressed beyond. The same happens for the Manual Complete button.

Field users are expecting a behaviour consistent with pressing Walk Line for a line of traps etc. Getting a blank screen and not being able to use a familiar feature for a line of monitoring stations gives users the impression that something isn’t working or has been set up incorrectly, leading to frustration, lowered confidence in the app, and time wasted fiddling in the web portal.

Please implement the ability to use Walk Line for monitoring lines - or disable/remove the dud buttons – though we’d prefer the former :wink:


I agree. I have similar frustrations from having to manually enter the same data for each station; it takes ages. It would be great to have the ‘walk the line’ option set up for Monitoring lines. Thanks!