Import supplementary traps with CSV

Hi there,

Our projects utilise clusters of 15 traps, which we move around the valley as required. It’s easy to manage this using, we’ll use the active/retired status to indicate which installations currently have actual traps onsite. Each potential location that might have a cluster onsite will be created as a single installation with 14 supplementary traps.

It would be very useful to be able to create the supplementary traps as part of a CSV trap import action. At the moment it appears the only way is to manually attach 14 supplementary traps to an installation. There are a significant number of historic installations that I would like to avoid manual entry for.

Future installations would also be supremely simple as they could be a single CSV import to create a new cluster.

I can imagine something like an optional CSV field, ‘supplement’, which takes the name or node number of an existing trap, could be a good starting point?

Please & Thanks, PG, DOC Rangiora.