Import trap records with multiple baits?

Hi, I am transferring some traps into TrapNZ and the traps have historic kill data that we would like to transfer as well. The trappers have often used multiple baits and whilst I can see how to select multiple baits through the user interface for future data input, I am uncertain on how to load multiple baits as part of an import of the historic data? Is that possible? Or should I just use ‘Other (please specify)’ and enter a list of baits in the bait details? Cheers John

@jbwkt to add multiple baits using a spreadsheet/csv you will need to use a comma in between the bait types e.g Fresh fruit,Whole egg

Awesome, that’s how they are formatted already. Would the whole string of baits have to be enclosed in quotes e.g. “Salted rabbit, Fresh meat” ?

@jbwkt no quotes needed