Imported GPX line is not drawing a line!

Hi there,

I’ve just loaded a bunch of GPX data as lines into our project, but the lines are appearing as a series of dots - there are no lines drawn between consecutive dots, so the line and trap location data are effectively duplicated.
Is there any way to modify the date or have trap nz display it as a line rather than points?
I’d like it to appear as it does in this adjacent project Puketi_Omahuta | Trap.NZ

Any help much appreciated - thanks!

Hi @tobyricketts

It looks like your GPX file is made up of waypoints rather than a line. In order to display a line the data needs to be in “track” or “route” format.

You will need to create a GPX file with the line data only - how you do that will depend on the device or software used. Normally there are options to save tracks or routes.

Thanks Dan - that’s very helpful - I’ll look into it!