Importing bulk downloads from other trapping databases

Hi folks - we have a community group that uses CatchIt NZ for their trapping records but was wondering what the challenges might be to importing a bulk download? This would likely be a regular process included in their reporting timeframe (yearly?). I’d expect we would submit the file as received in a manner that meets your requirements for uploading into the project.
Please do let me know what additional information you may need to respond to this request.
Nga mihi

Kia ora @jamie_carey You can bulk import in all the various installation types offered by To see the information required from each specific installation type click on the import option and it will show required terminology and fields.

Thanks for that Lenore - gave it a go and most of the records went through, however oddly enough some didn’t (screenshot below). These 5 records weren’t structured any different to the other records added for the same two traps.

Also, is it possible to identify which particular records are affected? Not a major at this level (only a few hundred records) but this is part of an exercise that could include import many thousands of records so manually cross-checking each one’s not a valid option.

kia ora @jamie_carey are you able to send the csv used to import the records to so I can have a look at it

Just sent if through now.

@jamie_carey I can’t see either of the two traps shown as not importing in the list of traps on that line on your project either active or retired, is there a chance the import has the wrong code or the traps haven’t been added to the project maps